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  FunCity Policy

For the safety and convenience of all of our guests, we ask that you please observe the following rules:

  • Beverages or food may not be brought into the building.  All persons, bags and other items may be subject to screening checks at all entrances as well as within the building.  We reserve the right to not allow any item to be brought into the building.
  • Unauthorized items may be confiscated and/or have guest removal from the building. Guests are asked to wear shirts and pants, skirts, or shorts at all times. Clothing with offensive wording will not be allowed in the building.
  • Guests must wear shoes to ride on all FunCity! rides.
  • FunCity building¬† is a smoke free facility.
  • FunCity considers inappropriate behavior a serious infraction of our rules.  Any guest implicated in this will be removed from the property without a refund.  

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