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 FunCity Waiver

Any and all visitors, guests, attendees, and users (or, if of a minor age, the parents or legal guardians thereof) of the recreational equipment and facilities of the Fun City facility ("Fun City") at 3131 Washington Boulevard , Baltimore, Maryland 21230 must execute this Agreement providing for the waiver and release of liability, and indemnification of Fun City, LLC, FRP Development Corp., and FRP Transit Business Park, LLC (individually and jointly , "Indemnitees") as  follows:

I, the undersigned , on behalf of myself and my child and/or children (individually and jointly , the "Undersigned "), hereby understand and agree to assume the full risk of bodily injury and/or property damage which the Undersigned may incur or cause a third party to incur as a result of the use of and activities on or about Fun City's equipment, facilities, premises and property . The Undersigned understands that this risk includes, but is not limited to, any bodily or other personal injuries and death.

With this understanding, the Undersigned further agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Fun City, Indemnitees, and their respective directors, officers, shareholders, members, agents,  and employees, from and against any and all claims, damages, actions, injuries, losses, suits, judgments , costs and expenses (including attorney's fees and other legal expenses) in any way arising from, or in connection with the Undersigned's presence , use of, and/or activities on Fun City's equipment, facilities, premises and property . The Undersigned agrees to this indemnification and hereby releases and saves harmless each and all of the Indemnitees from any and all claims based upon the Undersigned 's personal injuries, death and/or property damage.

Furthermore, the Undersigned has read and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to use of Fun City's equipment, facilities, premises and property and acknowledges receipt of a copy of same. The Undersigned will be held solely and fully financially responsible for any personal injury, death and/or damage to the property, facilities or equipment of Fun City or of others which occurs through or results from the Undersigned 's use and activities on Fun City's property , facilities, or equipment.

You can also print this form and bring it with you at check in.

Please submit a waiver for each individual that will coming to the FunCity Facility.

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